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Pencil Drawing Techniques

:Instructions for video

Pencil Shading Techniques – How To Shade A Circle Object – Pumpkin

List of supplies – see all at the bottom of this page

  • graphite drawing pencils – H2, 6B
  • kneaded eraser
  • drawing paper 9×12 inches or similar size
  • blending stumps or tortillions
  • protective spray fixative – option – if you want your drawings to stay for long make sure it’s for pencil drawings


  1. Drawing
    1. Draw an oval. Use the H2 pencil
    2. Draw the stem of the pumpkin like a curves cylinder.
    3. Divide the pumpkin shapes with curved lines start from the center to the sides.
  2. Shading
    1.  Define the light source for the pumpkin. Coming from the top left.
    2.  Start shading with the 6B pencil. Use the cross-hatching technique – build the shading tones gradually and slowly. Use short strokes going back and forth with half circle curved motions. That helps to develop the form of the pumpkin. Don’t press hard. Shade all pumpkin parts on the opposite side of the light source: (bottom and right sides) don’t press hard on the pencil just continue going over the shading places as you see in the video.
    3.  When you are done with the basic shading go back to all shaded edges and bring in some more tonality with another layer of strokes apply more pressure on the pencil.
  3.  Blending
    1. Smooth out your pencil strokes by going over your shading areas with a paper stump or a tortillion. Start from the light areas then into the mid-tones and then to the darker tones, do this till  your pencil strokes are gradually darkened (see recommended product at the end of this page – Aff.  of Amazon)
  4.   Finishing   – When you are done with your drawing you can choose to save it. If you do,  I recommend you spray it with a pencil fixative to protect your drawing. Spray according to the manufactures instructions.

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